Still working on it



When ever I install a new Theme

WordPress flippes ass and stops working error code 500.

Fucking lame


Makes me angry like in this work.

Guess what…… I was stuck.


This was a generic generated page : About.

Yeah….. what about me ?

Getting angry that my old theme which I liked doesn’t work.  Probably created by some fuck face who just wanted to cash some money and is sipping his fucking coctail on a Caribean Island somewhere.

Or he’s dead, somewhere on the street because he used too much drugs.


It must be disappointing for you as a viewer.

You just wanted a slick website with some art work and here there is just some random stuff build with a shitty wordpress theme.  Well get used to it, this is reality bitch. All the other stuff in the world is just an illusion build for you to become the perfect consumer.

I care about you, I’ll make it difficult to consume shit.

You’ll learn to love me for it.

I’ll get proffesional help

Either from a psychologist or someone that can help me build a website